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Armor in the Ragnarok universe is worn to defend against physical and magical attacks. They can be imbued with certain properties to enhance their defense. In Ragnarok Online, armor can be carded with special bonuses or certain properties. They can be obtained from monster drops or bought from... Adding slot to items - General Support - rAthena did you reload itemdb? after, try adding a card to the item. Also and where is your itemslotcounttable.txt at? is in your data folder, if so did you diff your client to read data folder first? if yes, did you close and reopen the client?. Adding slot on Glorious Weapons? - RateMyServer.Net Adding a slot for this weapon is very unbalance considering Assassin Cross has enchant deadly poison and soul link. Please be aware that I just made this example for Assassin Cross and not every weapon for every class if you wish to know more or wish for this to be implemented contact your Server's Admin. Adding slots to armor question. - Star Wars: The Old Republic Adding slots to armor question. STAR WARS: ... Quote. Ok I know I can add a slot for augments to green or higher aromr and items, what I would like to know is can I add other types of slots to a set of armor that I like the look of, slots for armor mods and the like, to keep a set of armor That I like the look of useful? ...

How to Add/Remove Potions on Item Slot - Ragnarok Mobile.Step 1. Open your Inventory Step 2. Click the arrow icon on the lower right corner of your inventory to reveal the item slot.

By bringing the NPC the items he asks for along with the equipment you wish to upgrade, the NPC will attempt to add a slot (or two, depending on the item) to the piece of equipment. Some items have changes as stated below: Tiara/Crown will have INT + 2 option reduced to INT + 1 after receiving a new card socket. Hidden Enchant - iRO Wiki If the player possesses an unupgraded, uncarded, unslotted, unenchanted armor and wants a slotted-enchanted-upgraded version, (if it's slottable/upgradeable) it is necessary to first slot it with the Socket Enchant NPC, then use the Hidden Enchant NPC to add stat bonuses, then upgrade. Once successful, a card may then be attached to it. This ...

Oct 4, 2018 ... Ragnarok Mobile Beginner's Complete Guide ... After logging in the first time you will see 2 slots (on the upper left of the character selection .... If you want to add another player, get a mentor, check if a friend is online, send them a whisper, this is .... Armor – Your main protective gear (Thankfully, no nudes).

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Ultimate Guide to Upgrading, Enhancing, Refining & Enchanting There are many ways to improve your Ragnarok M. equipment. Eternal love makes you stronger. At first it can be confusing, because everything is the same. Ultimate Guide to Upgrading, Enhancing, Refining & Enchanting There are multiple ways to upgrade your equips in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love to make them more powerful. It may be confusing at first because they all sound similar. This guide will explain the differences between the four methods to help you … Ragnarok Online 2 Game Review Ragnarok Online 2 is the sequel to the world renowned Ragnarok Online Mmorpg from Gravity. Set in the same world of Midgard, the game features 3D graphics. Torchlight Manual | Menu (Computing) | Computer Keyboard