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Think of the planar focus as an item with slots. At max it can have 2 greater slots and 4 lesser. Different planar foci have different numbers of slots (1 greater 1 lesser, 2 greater 2 lesser, etc). You attach stat / proc items to the focus which become bound to that particular planar focus. In short, it's a pretty customizable stat slot.

/Loadequip x loads your saved gear and planar fragment set (Pretoi on the forums) Q: “How do I unlock the right side fragment slots?” A: These are currently locked until a future content update. Trion has not given any details about when this will be. updated summary: Refer to the following list to help reduce and avoid RNG on planar fragments. Planar Fragments – A brief guide – The Ghar Station From the guide: “It is important to know that all fragments share the same pool of secondary stat values” What I mean by this is that all secondary stats have an equal chance of appearing on a fragment. [RIFT] Planar Focus Guide - YouTube •Do you enjoy my videos so much that you want to throw small amounts of currency at me so I can make poor life decisions? If you can, feel free to leave a £1-2 or $1-2 donation it goes a LONG ... Planar Focus... - Rift Message Board for PC - GameFAQs Yeah, I'm saying you can buy a planar focus from the planar goods vendors, and then slot your planar essences into it. Sorry if I was unclear. I can't imagine you -need- to get the basic one from the quest to unlock them, but I've seen dumber requirements.

Releasing the catch unlocks a hatch at one end of the barrel, allowing two Medium or ...... Additionally, you can focus your senses as an action to magically discern the ..... The spell uses the slot level, spell save DC, spell attack bonus, and .... A creature trapped within a cell can escape using magic that permits planar travel.

I unlocked 2 lesser slots. (Can't remember how). But I have 2 greater slots and 2 more lesser slots which are locked. How do I unlock them? Planar essence - Rift Wiki - Rift Wiki at Telarapedia A planar essence is an item, usually obtained as a rift reward which can be slotted in a planar focus. It often has one or more attributes and at least one resistance. Planar Focus - Rift Wiki - Rift Wiki at Telarapedia

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Planar Fragments – A brief guide – The Ghar Station

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